Trustees & Committees

The trustee committee, which consists of at least six (6) but not exceeding eight (8) persons, is appointed by the Home Owners’ Association (HOA). The Members elect the persons to constitute the trustee committee annually. The control, management and administration of the affairs of the HOA is vested in the trustee committee who may, on behalf of the Association, exercise all such powers of the Association and do all such acts in the discharge of their duties or the fulfillment of their obligations.

A trustee committee member holds office until the second succeeding Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is eligible for re-election, if nominated, provided that she or he may not serve for more than four (4) consecutive years.

Trustees in Office:

Nicholas Barr IT and Communication
André Fuchs Community Development and HR
Richard Michael Security
Ebo Oost Finance
Cas Potgieter Trustee
Penny Prinsloo Chairperson
Danie Schoeman Maintenance


Sheila Ives Environment and Landscaping
Ferdi Lamprecht Design Review